Rattandeep Singh (India)

Studied the Graduate Diploma in Business (Level 7)

Rattandeep Singh

One former business student who enjoyed the environment and culture at NorthTec is Rattandeep Singh from Ropar in Punjab, India. Rattandeep wanted to change his career so that he could work in online optimisation consultancy and turned his back on his job as a pharmacist in India to come to New Zealand to study the Graduate Diploma in Business (Level 7) at NorthTec. That decision has him now working as a senior consultant for an online business marketing company in Auckland. “Because of what I had studied at NorthTec, I developed confidence. I was confident because I had knowledge and knowledge is power,” he says.

Having completed the graduate diploma, Rattandeep is right where he wants to be. The Level 7 qualification is designed to provide knowledge for specific, varied professional needs in business management, accounting and other specialist business focus areas.