Nathalia Pereira

Studied Diploma in Hospitality Management, Level 5

Nathalia Pereira. Photo credit: NZMA

Nathalia Pereira is now the Conference Supervisor at Ilume Coaching.

“During my studies NZMA Careers helped me get a job at Eden Park Catering. They helped me with my CV, recommended me to the employer and gave me lots of tips before my interview. That was really helpful! I don’t think I would have been able to get that job without their support and guidance. They helped me take the first step of my career!

“I graduated from NZMA at the end of 2012 and now I am working as a Conference Supervisor for Ilume Coaching. NZMA Careers helped me to find this job too, by assisting me with my CV again and helping me apply for the role. I think the services of NZMA Careers are very valuable – they really prepare you to be a good candidate for employment opportunities.”